Septic tank cleaning

Responsive septic emergency services

At Goble's Sewer Service, we provide after-hours emergency services for your convenience. When you’re facing a septic emergency, make sure you call our team. We’ll promptly arrive at your home or business property to resolve your emergency situation.

Our computer-dispatched fleet is the largest serving the area. All our technicians are MPCA certified and trained giving you the most efficient and reliable service around the clock.

Comprehensive emergency services

No matter what’s wrong with your system, we can fix it. We can perform all the normal services we provide, including:
  • Drain line cleaning
  • Pump replacement
  • Line thawing
  • Line jetting
  • Emergency sewer pumping
  • Lift pump replacement
  • Rotary line cleaning
  • Root removal
  • Main line inspection video
For emergency 
service availability
Call 218-927-6175 now for a FREE estimate over the phone.

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